Running Free

by lucy ~ September 2nd, 2011. Filed under: Run For Joy.


What I know is that I run because I feel at home with running and it has always been my form of meditation. When I run I am free and thoughts flash through my mind with delightful ease or they pass not at all in those rare moments when my mind is only engaged in the act of running. When those thoughts are not helpful, or when they are old stories meant to hook me in to old habits, I see them for what they are because the rest of my body is both moving, but still.

I rarely think of my runs as a means to an end, though sometime I might think of my goals in that way. Running gives me a chance to release that thought and see goals as moving targets to shoot for.

When I am running I am fully committed and there is no fence sitting. This is a breath of fresh air in a life of responsibility and minute by minute decision making about what to make for supper or what is the correct way to respond to a frustrated child.

Each run is an adventure, of appreciating the feel of the air, the look of the sunlight as it slants through the trees or the way the trails opens up to a pasture full of sheep.

Some runs take me to greater adventures than others, but they are all the same.

Running just IS.


Lucy Smith

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