Optimism is in your future: Head to 2012 with some Great Ideas.

by lucy ~ December 31st, 2011. Filed under: Run For Joy.

Already thinking about some new goals for 2012 even thought you have signed up for six races already? Want to still make resolutions for the New Year, even though your diet is impeccable and your time management is all set for 12 hours a week of training? Looking for some new inspiration to take into a new year of training? There’s nothing like the New Year to set hearts afire and to create excitement about new beginnings and fun achievements. Athletes are a hopeful bunch, full of optimism about what they can accomplish, and sport is pretty much the role model environment for positive thinking. One year in the sport or triathlon will show you that you are in the leagues of positive thinkers: people who are determined to hurdle obstacles, deal with pain and find new ways to excel.
Here are 5 other ways to be optimistically intelligent in 2012:
1. Listen to your inner pessimist. Pessimism, long the foe of athletes, might actually serve a purpose in prevention of long term injuries. Knowing when an injury is real and potentially serious is a strong skill. Pushing through pain because of positive thinking (“I can do this!’) might be what leads to the positive diagnosis on the MRI.
2. Be Positive NOW. Pay attention to what you are doing in the moment you are doing it. Instead of filling your brain with thoughts of future races, people to beat, and performances, focus on the process while you are training. Nothing creates FLOW like being in the moment.
3. Be honest. Optimism isn’t just a routine of ‘positive thinking’ and ‘affirmation’. Optimism is a generally hopeful view that things will be ok. Most of the time things turn out just fine. What clouds the issue is the definition of what ‘fine’ means to different people. Make sure your vision of success is yours, not some fabrication from our happiness obsessed society.
4. This leads us to happiness and optimism. Happiness is a word with very little meaning anymore. Contrary to popular culture, people are not happy all the time. Think instead of purpose and joy, your sense of community and the things about sport that you love. Smile while you do the things you love, and accept all of your moods.
5. Stay in the moment, but move forward. Triathlon is about forward momentum and finesse, efficiency of movement in three sports and being streamlined, strong and focussed all at the same time. Strive to create this forward momentum in your life, choosing things that give you joy, doing them with a sense of purpose: be graceful and grateful and nurture your inner optimist.
Wishing you all the best and much joy for 2012!

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